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Steam Client Update Released

A new Steam client has been released and will be automatically downloaded.


  • Added a setting to disable group event and announcement notifications
  • Removed sign-on notifications for friends who are already online/in-game when you first sign-in
  • Fixed several reported crashes and hangs
  • Fixed an issue where some workshop items would be downloaded repeatedly
  • Fixed an issue with recently played games missing from the task-bar menu
  • Fixed an issue with recently played games appearing in the wrong order
  • Fixed scheduled future game updates being invisible on the Download page
  • Fixed install dialog getting stuck while preallocating disk space
  • Fixed Windows taskbar showing pending progress even when there are no updates available
  • Fixed video player failing to start for Windows users with non-ASCII user names
  • Improved error handling when game files are locked by other programs during updates
  • Improved library sort order for games that start with punctuation or Unicode characters
  • Updated Web control to CEF v56.0.2924.51

Big Picture

  • Added confirmation before Restarting/Suspending/Shutting Down from the system menu
  • Fixed an issue causing some controller navigation actions to be ignored
  • Removed unintentional navigation input coming from racing wheels and flight sticks

macOS / OS X

  • Fixed an issue which caused some games to crash immediately under OS X 10.9 or earlier
  • Improved color fidelity in the Steam UI on newer 2015 iMac and 2016 Macbook Pro displays

Steam Controller
Added better offline controller support. Controller Configurations and Pesonalization will now download for offline use after the first online game launch. When offline, edits are local only and will not be uploaded to the cloud. When returning to online mode, the previous online configuration will be restored, but your saved local edits will be available for selection

Added Controller Config Preview. When importing a configuration, it will now be previewed first and then it can be accepted or backed out without applying the configuration. While previewing a configuration, all its settings can be viewed, but not changed

Added Steam Controller Configuration Links. When browsing configurations, a link can now be copied to the clipboard by pressing the Start button or Control+C. Following this Steam link will how the configuration and it can be optionally applied to the game it corresponds to. This link can be opened via a browser or at the commandline. From the command line, use “start [link]” in Windows, “open [link]” in OSX, and “xdg-open [link]” in SteamOS/Linux. Note that a controller must be active to apply a configuration. Links will be shown in the controller type they were created for, but will be converted to the controller type they are being applied to on application

  • Changed configuration sorting to use a rolling 30-day window. The most popular configurations over the past 30 days are sorted to the top.
  • Added voting to configurations, and added support to optionally sort configurations by votes instead of usage.
  • Added Lock Gyro at Extents option for Joystick Move. When turned off, the controller will no long lock at the full extents, matching old behavior from October
  • Fixed dead-zones on some controllers being too small when using joystick mouse, resulting in drift
  • Fixed a bug where multiple non-Steam Controllers could control the same player
  • Added support for multiple additional PS4 and third-party PS4-style controllers
  • Added audio support for official DS4 v2 Slim controllers
  • Added power-off timeout functionality for PS4 controllers connected over wireless
  • Disabled controller power-off timeout while the configurator is open
  • Added mouse dampening option for Mouse Region mode
  • Fixed XInput controllers getting bad configuration settings if connected prior to Steam login
  • Fixed a bug where configurations for guests could be saved under a generic guest account rather than under the signed-in local user.

In-Home Streaming
NOTE: recent NVIDIA drivers may cause issues with hardware encoding in Steam, please revert to driver version 376.33 for now if you are unable to stream properly.

  • Increased desktop capture to 60 FPS on Windows 8 and newer
  • Added an option to change desktop resolution to match the streaming client under advanced host settings
  • Added a separate option to enable NVIDIA ShadowPlay capture under advanced host settings
  • Added a recovery path if your graphics driver crashes or resets during streaming. Graphics driver resets may still crash your game anyway. If you experience frequent crashes, we recommend that you disable hardware encoding.

Steam VR

  • Fixed green screen when capturing a multiple-monitor desktop with NVIDIA ShadowPlay capture in VR

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